A Confession

Photo Credit: Jose Villa

I have been planning this day longer than I care to admit.

And yes, I do mean since I was a little girl… but that’s not the confession.  What I’m really talking about here is that for the past year, I have been poring over wedding blogs, searching for venues, researching photographers and caterers… all of it.  I may have jumped the gun a little.

In what I’m sure was an awful year for my poor boyfriend, I stopped short of only two things:

1) Wedding Magazines

For some reason, I didn’t bat an eyelash at the 30 wedding blogs happily waiting for their daily visit in my Google Reader, but the act of purchasing a full-fledged copy of Brides was just too much.  I have no logical explanation here, logic just doesn’t come into play in this scenario.

I can tell you that I wanted that DIY issue of Martha Stewart Weddings so bad it hurt.

2) My Own Blog

Yes, so that would have truly been crazy.  But again, I really wanted one.

Now, I do have to blame him a little.  The year began with an innocent trip to the local jeweler… to, you know, decide what cut of diamond was my favorite… totally innocent…  He joked that it would be another 5 years or so, but if he was shopping… ?

I was pretty sure that the proposal was just around the corner.  Then a few months passed… and a few more.  We went on an unbelievably romantic vacation to Hawaii… found ourselves lingering in some of our favorite spots… fell in love a little more… a few more months.

It was a slow form of torture.

On July 4, 2011, he asked me.  It was arguably the best proposal ever staged in the history of life.

It was so worth the wait.

So here I am.  I’ve been planning for a year, but the funny thing is, nothing is planned.  I have a Pinterest full of pins and a not-so-small obsession with the inspiration board feature on Style Me Pretty, but when the planning turns real, everything changes.  Example: I was certain I had my venue all picked out.  I called shortly after our engagement to check on dates, only to learn that everything I had assumed was exactly the opposite.  My backup venue?  Same deal.

So even though I’ve been planning this forever, I’m really just starting from scratch.  It’s so exciting and so terrifying all at the same time… and I can’t wait to get started!