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Month: August, 2011

{Budgets} Speaking of Budgets

How would you like to name your own price for wedding invitations?

That is exactly the point of a fascinating experiment happening this month at Up Up Creative

(the song is “generator: second floor” by freelance whales — btw)

I’m so curious to hear about the results of this project (and maybe get in on it myself!).  What will happen when customers are asked to put their own price on old fashioned creativity and hard work?

Seriously… fascinating.

Handmade Favors

Grits for Two

It’s the little details that always get me.  You can really tell that a couple poured their hearts into their wedding when the little details seem to represent who they are.

These days, many of us (Mark and I included) have developed an entire life together before we ever say, “I do,” so it is particularly special to be able to share a little piece of what might normally only be ours, on our wedding day.  One great way to do that is through favors.  Maybe you love to garden, or can your own vegetables… maybe you have an amazing collection of family recipes between the two of you that you want to share… maybe you just love jam.  Whatever it is, there is something so special about a handmade favor.

Limoncello / Rosemary Salt and Clementine Sugar / DIY Succulents

I’ve decided to leave my favor decision to the very end… feeling like it’s sort of the “icing on the cake” (bad, sorry) of what I hope will be a great wedding, but there are so many ideas out there… I’m having fun dreaming up what might be the perfect little gift for our guests!

DIY Soaps / Recipe Favors

I want to be sure that our choice is a true representation of us… even if that just means it’s likely to be food.  If there is one thing that Mark and I manage to prove every time we’re together… it is that we love to eat.

I’ve really been wanting to get into canning lately, so maybe I’ll stumble upon a great idea there… I’ve also considered these amazing little creations, since marshmallows are pretty much my favorite thing ever… and the same goes for caramel and Mark, but you never know what we might come up with in the end!  I’m trying to remember to pace myself.

… we do still have well over a year.

{Budgets} What’s On – and Off – the Table?

I’ve been back and forth and back and forth on our budget.  I know how easy it is for this part of the process to get out of control and I really am trying to keep a tight hold on it, but it’s kind of amazing how quickly it all adds up.  We plan to pay for the majority of our expenses, and when you factor in rings and a honeymoon, even a small DIY-centric wedding starts to push the price of a pretty nice car… a pretty nice car that we kind of need.

So, of course I start looking for things we can do without… and I think this happens a lot.  Often the first thing to go is the videographer.  A little voice in your head starts to say, “NBD, I’m going to have tons of gorgeous pictures and surely uncle so-and-so will agree to man mom’s old camera or the errant iPhone…”

Then you see something like this…

My Grandparents Wedding :: 16mm from 1944 from bliss* video productions.

Or maybe you get some really great advice from a friend who’s been there, and you realize that if you don’t hire that videographer you might just regret it for the rest of your life.

Your kids and grandkids might even regret it!  (Okay… I’m probably getting a little dramatic there, but you see what I mean.)

The film above is amazing because it’s not just two static people, no matter how gorgeous, on their wedding day.  You can see their personality and the way they interact… you can relive that moment in time.

Believe me, I am a massive fan of photography (and Mark does a little of his own) — heck, our photographer was the first person we contacted after booking a venue — so I don’t discount the ability of a great photographer to accurately and beautifully convey the emotion of the day… but a really great film can pick you up and take you there.

Needless to say… I am secure in our decision not to forgo a videographer, knowing that 20 years from now, when that extra line item in the budget is a distant memory, we’ll be able to sit down and enjoy our day all over again.

… which is not to say that I’m not on the hunt for a super affordable option, in case you have any recommendations!

Friday Link Love

Photo by True Love Photo

Looks like it’s going to be a rainy weekend… maybe we’ll have ourselves a little hurricane party!

One thing is for sure, the weather won’t be getting us down.  I feel very lucky to be in southern Maryland today as much of the coast scrambles to evacuate.  My heart goes out to those who have to leave their homes behind… I can’t imagine the worry.  Here’s hoping the hurricane comes and goes without any significant damage.

Hurricane parties are only fun if nobody gets hurt.

Here are a few things I’m loving this week…

What I’d like to be wearing this weekend.

The shots from this unbelievably adorable Minneapolis wedding.

Elsie.  I’m reading her ‘Blog Love’ e-course now and am even more in awe of her serious confidence, creativity, and overall awesomeness.  I may have a little girl crush.  Also, just in case you didn’t see her wedding film, do.

I can relate… and pretty packaging is always a plus.

DIY tissue tassel garlands and hand painted/stamped save the dates — I love me some DIY, especially when it looks this foolproof.

Teaching a four-year-old about marriage equality… very cool.

A Little Inspiration: Pale Pink and Gold

Ritzy Bee / We Heart It / Rue / BHLDN / Pinterest / Style Me Pretty

Bridal Boudoir by TEAM Hair and Makeup/Lacie Hansen + To Boudoir or Not to Boudoir?

Wow this is a gorgeous boudoir session. The forest, the light… her awesome hair!

Seriously, can someone tell me why I wasn’t born with curly hair?

(grass is always greener *sob sob*)

The jury is still out on me + bridal boudoir… I love the idea, and I know Mark would too, I’m just not sure my confidence level is up to the super high heights it might need to be to lounge around in next to nothing and know the results would be… palatable.

I know I’m being silly, but do other brides out there have the same hangups? If not, are you planning to do bridal boudoir/if you’re not getting married, would you consider regular boudoir shots as a special gift for your guy? Particularly if they were as classy and gorgeous as this shoot?

For me, one thing is certain… if I do decide to do bridal boudoir, this session by TEAM Hair and Makeup and photographer Lacie Hansen (another Laicie!) will definitely be my inspiration.

Photos by Lacie Hansen
Hair and Makeup by TEAM Hair and Makeup

I Have a Maid of Honor!


Bridget and I work together, so I snuck in early today to leave this pretty card and a vintage plate filled with buckeyes on her desk.  She said yes… so I have myself a maid of honor!

… and she might be cursing me right now for leaving her with an entire plate of what are essentially homemade peanut butter cups, but better, because they’re made with Lindt 70% dark chocolate and just a little hint of cream cheese.

The recipe is over at Smitten Kitchen, one of my very favorite food blogs, and you have to try it.  It’s a little tricky to get that perfect buckeye circle at the top, I demolished more than one in the name of practice, but the recipe itself is super simple and you won’t be able to put them down… which is clearly both a very good and a very (very) bad thing.

Antique Stores

Maybe it’s because I practically grew up in one, but I heart antique stores.  There are so many fun ideas around every corner.  Like how about throwing some flowers in those sifters?

Or putting the cake on this scale?

Growing up in a home full of antiques, I’m not sure I ever really appreciated them.  I remember my parents dragging me through shop after shop… hunting for that perfect piece while I cried and complained.  I remember the dustI remember really wanting to take those collectible toys out of their box.

I remember scratching “I love mom and dad” into an antique dresser that cost god-knows-what… and how my mom could barely scold me when she saw my (strategically I’m sure) sweet little message.

But I don’t remember being particularly excited about the antiques… or interested at all.

It wasn’t until I settled in my own home that I realized how much their style had affected me.  As I searched for that perfect pistachio mixer, paid too much for a vintage-style toaster, and cooed over Mark’s Taid’s (Welsh for Grandfather) roll-top desk (now our bar), I realized that my parents’ style would always be a part of my own.

Luckily Mark came with a little antique love of his own.  Our home is a happy mix of modern and vintage and I love the way it works.

Today, Mark’s son Austin came along on our adventure.  I could see myself… bored nearly to tears, dragging my feet through aisle after aisle of dusty antiques… and it made me smile.

We never know how much our parents rub off on us… until one day we find ourselves giddy and skipping through those same aisles.

Quiet Sundays

“I love her and that’s the beginning of everything.”
~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

Photo by Tec Petaja via Once Wed

Friday Link Love

How much do you love red lipstick?  I am a true believer that nothing is more flattering than the right shade, and Sydney (of The Daybook) is proving me right today.  I think I may spend a large chunk of my weekend perfecting that look right there.  Fall is just around the corner, after all.

… by the way, can we just talk about the proliferation of so many unbelievably gorgeous soon-to-be mommas on the internet?  I would give my left lung to look this amazing when I’m pregnant.

I would give my left lung to look this amazing on my wedding day, actually.

In the mean time, here are a few links for Friday…

A grouping of pretty little things for your kitchen.  My kitchen?  Yes, please!

One of my favorite new style blogs.  I can’t believe I’ve never been before.

This tiny yellow submarine makes me smile… I think it needs to come home with me.

I adore this DIY dessert table backdrop from Lauren of Lauren Elise Crafted on Postcards and Pretties.

Great “Save or Splurge” letterpress advice from Suann of Simplesong Design on 100 Layer Cake.

An adorable idea for asking your bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Pretty paper garlands from InkWhimsy on The Inspired Bride.

The cutest Christmas engagement shots ever.