The Search: Away Edition

by Laicie

After Arkansas, I started to compile a list (it may have gotten a little out of control).

For a while we seriously considered going overseas — or at least as far as Hawaii. It could be a small ceremony, just a few of our closest friends and family… or even just us. The idea of a romantic little ceremony really appealed to us, so I started thinking about places that were sentimental. Where have we been? Where did we want to go?

The Eolo Hotel sits about 30 minutes outside of El Calafate on the way to Perito Moreno Glacier and looks incredible. We’ve always wanted to go to Patagonia, but on the other hand, it’s Patagonia. The likelihood of many of our friends and family making it all the way out to the Eolo was pretty slim.

So… Greece?

When I was a little girl I always said I would get married in Greece, and for some reason, I’ve always envisioned my wedding to Mark on the top of a mountain. Mark combined the two (and threw in a gorgeous lake for good measure) when he discovered Drakolimni Lake in northwestern Greece. Again, it looks like a dream… it might also be a 5 hour hike from the nearest town.

Okay, so it’s possible that the two of us tend to gravitate toward the middle of nowhere. This wasn’t really a realistic option.

… but it’s gorgeous, right?!

I considered the south of France based on sheer beauty…

Photo Credit: Andrea & Marcus

… and Hawaii, for a million reasons.

Photo Credit: Sarah Rhoads

But ultimately, the big far-away trip just wouldn’t have allowed us to celebrate with the people we love, and the planning could have become a nightmare. It was unlikely, because of budget, that we would have been able to visit the place where we planned to marry and would have had to rely on pictures and word of mouth for almost everything… and I’m not saying that would have driven me crazy, but… yes, I would have had a meltdown.

So in the end, we decided to narrow the geography of our list. And by narrow, I mean the continental United States.

Okay, no… not really. Because Arkansas had already come into consideration we knew that we wanted to be a little closer to one of our homes, so we at least had to narrow this thing down to one of the coasts.