Welcome to the Weekend

Hope you’re enjoying it as much as Lennon is!

I’m looking forward to having my honey home for a little bit of it… hope the weather clears so we can get outside and have some fun.  For the moment, Lennon and I are stuck inside.  In case you are too, here are a few fun links to brighten your day…

An awesome photo set documenting all “41 coffees” consumed by one couple during their summer travels in Europe — via Kinfolk Magazine.

Some great menu inspiration from Love & Lavender.

Homemade nutella favors, anyone?

Haven’t tried a fishtail braid since I was little, I think it’s time.

Super cool shirts and accessories from Love Nail Tree — I have to have that compass necklace.

A reason to make peanut butter pie, and remember that life is short.  Hug the ones you love and let them know how much you care.