Dress Stress

by Laicie

Is it wrong that – right now – my #1 source of wedding stress revolves around the dress?  Maybe it’s just a convenient distraction from thinking about the budget (I’ll take just about anything that keeps me away from that topic).

All I can say is that I want the dress to be perfect… so perfect that his jaw drops the second he sees me… but at this point I have no idea what that means…

Although, at this point that’s kind of the way I feel about the whole wedding.  So maybe it’s okay.  I have yet to go shopping, or even look at very many dresses online.  Right now, it’s all kind of a fuzzy mash of a million pictures (*thank you* unhealthy obsession with Pinterest) and a feeling in my gut… but, I guess it’s kind of a good feeling.  Eventually I know it will all take shape.  Right now it’s still kind of scary, but it’s a good scary… scary in anticipation of something amazing… kind of Christmas morning-ish?

I don’t know, it’s super late (for me) and I really should get to bed, but here’s a little fuzzy anticipation for your late Thursday night…

Sarah Seven / Amsale via SMP / Proenza Schouler via Once Wed / Dress via SMP