{Budgets} What’s On – and Off – the Table?

by Laicie

I’ve been back and forth and back and forth on our budget.  I know how easy it is for this part of the process to get out of control and I really am trying to keep a tight hold on it, but it’s kind of amazing how quickly it all adds up.  We plan to pay for the majority of our expenses, and when you factor in rings and a honeymoon, even a small DIY-centric wedding starts to push the price of a pretty nice car… a pretty nice car that we kind of need.

So, of course I start looking for things we can do without… and I think this happens a lot.  Often the first thing to go is the videographer.  A little voice in your head starts to say, “NBD, I’m going to have tons of gorgeous pictures and surely uncle so-and-so will agree to man mom’s old camera or the errant iPhone…”

Then you see something like this…

My Grandparents Wedding :: 16mm from 1944 from bliss* video productions.

Or maybe you get some really great advice from a friend who’s been there, and you realize that if you don’t hire that videographer you might just regret it for the rest of your life.

Your kids and grandkids might even regret it!  (Okay… I’m probably getting a little dramatic there, but you see what I mean.)

The film above is amazing because it’s not just two static people, no matter how gorgeous, on their wedding day.  You can see their personality and the way they interact… you can relive that moment in time.

Believe me, I am a massive fan of photography (and Mark does a little of his own) — heck, our photographer was the first person we contacted after booking a venue — so I don’t discount the ability of a great photographer to accurately and beautifully convey the emotion of the day… but a really great film can pick you up and take you there.

Needless to say… I am secure in our decision not to forgo a videographer, knowing that 20 years from now, when that extra line item in the budget is a distant memory, we’ll be able to sit down and enjoy our day all over again.

… which is not to say that I’m not on the hunt for a super affordable option, in case you have any recommendations!