Handmade Favors

by Laicie

Grits for Two

It’s the little details that always get me.  You can really tell that a couple poured their hearts into their wedding when the little details seem to represent who they are.

These days, many of us (Mark and I included) have developed an entire life together before we ever say, “I do,” so it is particularly special to be able to share a little piece of what might normally only be ours, on our wedding day.  One great way to do that is through favors.  Maybe you love to garden, or can your own vegetables… maybe you have an amazing collection of family recipes between the two of you that you want to share… maybe you just love jam.  Whatever it is, there is something so special about a handmade favor.

Limoncello / Rosemary Salt and Clementine Sugar / DIY Succulents

I’ve decided to leave my favor decision to the very end… feeling like it’s sort of the “icing on the cake” (bad, sorry) of what I hope will be a great wedding, but there are so many ideas out there… I’m having fun dreaming up what might be the perfect little gift for our guests!

DIY Soaps / Recipe Favors

I want to be sure that our choice is a true representation of us… even if that just means it’s likely to be food.  If there is one thing that Mark and I manage to prove every time we’re together… it is that we love to eat.

I’ve really been wanting to get into canning lately, so maybe I’ll stumble upon a great idea there… I’ve also considered these amazing little creations, since marshmallows are pretty much my favorite thing ever… and the same goes for caramel and Mark, but you never know what we might come up with in the end!  I’m trying to remember to pace myself.

… we do still have well over a year.