DIY CD Cover

by Laicie

It was my dad’s birthday recently, and (since we’re planning a wedding and all) we’re a little short on money… but not at all short on time or love! So I decided to DIY my music-obsessed father a mixed tape… er, CD. Mark found these really great CDs that look just like an old 45 and I couldn’t have been more excited to use them!

Then I took a little trip to the craft store and picked a few things out for the cover. It might not be quite as rock ‘n’ roll as my father (that’s him below) but I still think it’s pretty cool.

This would make a great favor… in fact I think something similar might make an appearance in my guest totes. Click through for the full DIY.

I started with this template. Although, I may have done something wrong during the printing process, because my first attempt came out a little small. Be sure to check your template against your CD before you get started. Once I realized I messed up it was already too late… I had to go back and make a whole new (slightly larger) version.

The whole process is pretty self-explanatory though.

You’ll Need:
Kraft Paper
Canvas or Burlap
Black Paint
A Sponge
Tacky Glue
Spray Adhesive
A Ruler (optional)
A Pen (optional)
Vellum (optional)

1) Cut out your cover.

2) Fold it.

3) Glue everything together.

4) Cut your canvas in a slightly smaller square. I used a piece of the same template and just folded in the sides for a guide.

5) Stencil any word you like, let dry.

6) Attach your canvas to the cover. I used spray adhesive for this, you might even use a glue stick… something that won’t seep through your canvas.

I also wrote a little list of songs on a piece of vellum and tucked it inside. You could attach another piece of fabric (or anything you’d like) to the back of the cover or maybe even print right on your cover if you’re handy with a computer.

And there you go… it’s a pretty simple DIY but, let’s face it, that’s what I need at this point. And if you’re making 50-200 of them as favors for guests, I’m sure it can start to feel really tough, really fast!