{Real Weddings} Briean & Casey’s Hurricane Party

by Laicie

Remember that little hurricane we had here in DC? And how I joked about having a hurricane party? Well Briean and Casey really did! And along the way they managed to prove just how amazing your wedding can be when you roll with whatever the day may bring.

The couple were unlucky in weather, but they and their amazing photographer, Lisa Boggs, embraced the day and ended up with something so special I almost find myself wishing for rain!

Lisa was sweet enough to share a few words about the day. I just love that she was so on board for anything. Briean and Casey were lucky to have such an awesome photographer:

I remember the leadup to Hurricane Irene here in DC. Every concert was cancelled, there were long lines for sandbags… was it hard to make the decision to go forward?

For me, it wasn’t a difficult decision. I had already done a walk-through with Briean (the bride) at National Harbor the week prior to the hurricane craziness, and we had actually scoped out some indoor locations that I thought would make for great photographs even if it was sunny outside. I was really confident leading up to the wedding even though I knew a hurricane was now going to be part of the picture! Don’t get me wrong, part of me was definitely nervous because I had never photographed in those kind of conditions, but at the same time, it was something new and exciting that I liked. The only way I would not have photographed this wedding is if National Harbor had called it off, thus having Briean and Casey call it off.

What technical issues did you run into while shooting in a hurricane, and how did you overcome them?

Other than rain getting on my lens and manipulating some of the photos, I really didn’t run into technical issues! My husband, Mike (my second shooter), was my designated umbrella-holder for the outdoor shots. He was also the napkin-retriever for when we had to wipe all the equipment down. Luckily, we dried everything off immediately after the outdoor photographs and everything worked perfectly for the rest of the night!

What else did the storm throw off in your usual workflow? Any fun surprises?

The one photograph I had planned prior to the wedding day was a shot of Briean and Casey out on the Sunset Room deck overlooking the harbor. At 9:30 pm on Saturdays during the summer, the Gaylord National Harbor has a firework show, and I knew I wanted to get a really stunning photo of the two of them in front of that scene. Well, obviously the firework show was cancelled that night and it sort of crushed my dream of that photo. However, throughout the reception that night, I was noticing how cool the rain on the floor-to-ceiling windows of the Sunset Room looked. Especially with the lights coming in from other buildings, the beading of that rain just looked really cool. It was right then that my new concept for their night shot was born! So, doing exactly what I was going to do for their firework shot, I set them up in front of a window and fired away. I honestly could not be more happy with the way that photo turned out. It was definitely my favorite surprise of the evening, and I really think I like it more than what I had in my head for the firework photo! It doesn’t get any better than that!

Would you change a thing?

Absolutely not. I can’t emphasize enough how fun this wedding was, even in a hurricane. Briean, Casey, their family and friends all had the most upbeat attitude about the entire occasion. Everyone pulled together to make this wedding the most beautiful, memorable occasion ever, and I can’t thank them enough for having me be a part of it!

This whole wedding just goes to show that this is one of the most amazing days of your life, and it will stay that way no matter what obstacles might arise… so enjoy it to the fullest! And maybe in the end you’ll even come to appreciate those obstacles.

Thanks Lisa for sharing these amazing shots!

Photographer: Lisa Boggs Photography / Church: St. Joseph Parish / Reception: The Sunset Room at National Harbor / Wedding Dress: Paloma Blanca / Bridesmaid Dresses: Alfred Angelo / Groom & Groomsmen Suits: JoS. A. Bank / Hair: Maude Hair / Makeup: Brush Strokes Salon / Florist: Total Wedding Kama / Caterer: Purple Onion Catering Co. / Videographer: Visual Sketch / DJ: DJ Blazin Hot