Guest Post and Proposal Pics on Kaptur

by Laicie

After spending the majority of my morning begging the computer gods to let me into Target’s website so I could buy this (#2), I had happy surprise… well, two if you count the fact that patience is, apparently, a virtue, and I eventually got in.

The real news is that I received a super sweet email letting me know that a recent guest post I wrote for Kaptur’s blog is live.  The post is all about Mark’s amazing proposal, and I used Kaptur’s awesome service to create my own little slideshow of the event!  I even included a little background music.

Kaptur is a really great way to gather everyone’s pictures, videos, and updates from your wedding into one central location — you can even upload directly from Facebook!  It’s easy (and really fun) to make slideshows and share them with anyone and everyone you know.

Thanks to Kaptur for including my story on the blog!  I hope you’ll all check it out, and take a look around their site while you’re there.