Friday Link Love

by Laicie

Photo via That Kind of Woman

It’s raining out there again!  What is this?  I mean, I know I’m from Oregon and all, and I’m supposed to like this stuff… but why does it have to keep showing up just in time for the weekend?

I’m ready for a little crisp fall sun… preferably on a Saturday and/or Sunday.  Can we arrange that?  Kthxbai.

In the mean time…

I neeeed to see these adorable babies at the zoo… maybe not this weekend, ’cause it’s raining… I’m not bitter.

These super sweet invites… I can’t even handle how cute they are.

This DIY wrapped hair comb… so pretty.

Estee Lauder’s new YouTube channel via The Brides Guide.

Love these DIY mixed gold nails.

Alexander Skarsgård by Chad Pitman.

Bacon cornbread what?  Oh… vegetarian… right.

This dress from BHLDN.