A Little Inspiration: The Welcome BBQ (Neon Yellow and Neutral)

by Laicie

Bouquet by Hannah Koo Designs via Grey Likes Weddings / Farm via Grey Likes Weddings / Couple via Grey Likes Weddings / Sign by Couture Events / Table via Grey Likes Weddings / Limoncello via Matt Bites / Burlap Heart Photo via Grey Likes Weddings

Okay, so I already shared our brunch inspiration (or, well, my mom’s brunch inspiration) … now it’s time for our welcome dinner… or what you might normally call the rehearsal dinner.  The difference for us is that normally, you might only invite 30 out of 100 or more guests to your rehearsal dinner.  Since we only plan to have 50 total, and everyone is coming from out of town, we’re inviting them all.

Like everyone else, I’m a little obsessed with this neon and neutral thing… and apparently it passes the man test, since I’ve been informed by Mark that the rehearsal dinner is supposed to be the groom’s (really? I’ve mentioned I’m a little bit of a control freak, right?).

Even though it will be fall, I’m hoping we can keep the bright colors appropriate by really playing up the neutral… maybe with something like this

I love the use of wheat anywhere and everywhere… it’s so simple and natural… and so perfect for fall!