Kate & Steven’s Hometown Engagements

by Laicie

You know those couples that you just look at and immediately want to be their friends?  Kate and Steven are that kind of couple… and after interviewing Kate, I think I’ve decided that my original instinct was spot on… she’s fabulous.  The couple are tying the knot in Houston this November, and it sounds like it will be amazing…

From Kate:

I love the casual feel of your shots, how did you decide on a location… did it have any special significance?

We are very casual people. We wanted photographs of us as we are, not us trying to be something else. We wandered through the neighborhood we met in and live in and stopped in a few different places for our photographer to take some shots. It was very important to us to have a natural feel to our photos, not something that was really staged.

What else did you do to prepare?  I’m already in a fit about what I’ll wear.  Was it hard to choose?

I thought way too much about what I was going to wear! The most unnatural thing was trying to “coordinate” with each other, since that isn’t something we normally consider when getting dressed for any other day. My advice would be to choose something you feel comfortable in.

How far in advance did you have your shots done?

We had our engagement photos done halfway through our engagement, 2 months before the wedding. The timing was perfect since we received our photos a month later, just in time to use for wedding shower decorations.

Your wedding is coming up soon… are you in the middle of a lot of last minute details?  Any big projects?

It IS coming up soon and we are SO ready for it to be here! The main project that I am trying to finish now that I am really excited about is the backdrop for our ceremony. We (my fiance and I) have made 4 large canvases covered in antique book pages which will hang behind the stage. I think it is going to be the perfect touch to the vintage feel of our wedding. It has been neat to work on this together as a couple for our special day.

Any advice for other brides on the planning process?

There are many “do’s and don’ts” and rules regarding weddings. My question is, says who? It’s not their wedding! Decide together as a couple what is important to you for your wedding day and stick to that. You will receive so much unsolicited advice and suggestions but ultimately it is your day to celebrate your commitment to each other with the people you love and who love you.

Awesome, right?

Thank you Kate!  And thank you Joseph West Photography for sharing these shots!!

Photographer: Joseph West Photography