{Real Weddings} Lindie & Nate’s Botanical Bash

by Laicie

With so many options out there, I know how hard it can sometimes be to come up with the perfect theme.  But occasionally, a couple can be so lucky that the theme comes to them.

This was definitely the case for Lindie and Nate, all they needed was the right venue…

From the start, we knew that we didn’t want the typical country club or hotel wedding.  One visit to the the Botanical Center was all we needed to decide that it was the unique setting that we had been in search of.  Before choosing a venue, we had a really hard time narrowing down a palette, graphics and other design elements for our wedding but the gardens provided direct inspiration for all of that and our wedding theme quickly grew…even the dress was chosen with the venue in mind.  With a background in art & design, I was heavily invested in adding handmade personal touches…table runners, basket liners and a ring pillow from linen and silk dupioni, and invitations and programs with custom graphics.  A lot of people didn’t understand why I was putting in so much time creating these items but to us it completely finished the look and added something totally special that spoke to who were are.  We decided a station style reception worked best for the format of the Botanical Center.  Colorful tapas plates were available throughout the gardens and we had a cupcake variety (banana nutella and chocolate peanut butter included – yum!) and strawberry shortcake instead of a typical cake.  Our day was absolutely amazing…our families are a wild bunch but it still felt very relaxed; the ceremony went off without a hitch; and we got to share some incredible, intimate moments with the people we are closest with.  We wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Photographer: Olivia Gird Photography / Venue: Roger Williams Park Botanical Center / Caterer: Blackstone Caterers / Floral Designer: Deb Romano / DJ: MTB Entertainment / Bakery: Duck and Bunny