{Real Weddings} Joe & Joanna’s Stone House Soirée

by Laicie

I am so excited for this next feature, because it comes from one of my very favorite photography teams, Matt and Anna Novak of Tin Sparrow Studio. Not only are they super talented, they are also unbelievably cool and fun to work with. And if you’re not convinced by me, check out this little blip from their site

We fell in love in a parked car in a vacant parking lot. We are best friends, married in the summer at sunset. We love long drives going nowhere, we love fireworks in july, mason jars & walking juice, surprise face on our little ladies, kraft paper and micron pens, we love most things vintage, but most of all, we love to be together.

I know… you love them already, right?

Matt and Anna are extra lucky because they get to work together (can you think of anything better?) and when they do they’re able to shoot both the bride and the groom while they prepare for their big day. They don’t miss a second, which is clear from their shots of this awesome wedding at Stone House in New Jersey.

Here’s what Matt and Anna had to say about this drop dead gorgeous affair…

Joe + Joanna had to be one of the most relaxed couples we have had the chance to work with. They were always smiling and giggling, and half the time were whispering back and forth. It made shooting their wedding and their e-session so enjoyable. My favorite detail about the wedding was Joanna’s Handmade fans, it’s always awesome to see a bride who wants to make something for her own wedding. Overall the entire wedding has a very classic feel to it. The location was nestled nicely in the woods of North Jersey, and the smaller-ish (80 or so) gathering made it seem that much more intimate.

That venue, that dress… that gorgeous, relaxed, and oh-so-in-love bride and groom! I seriously cannot get enough of this beautiful wedding.

Thanks Matt and Anna for sharing!!

Photographer: Tin Sparrow Studio / Venue: Stone House Restaurant / Wedding Consulting: My Bellissima