{Wedding Film Wednesday}

by Laicie

The Cana Family

A recent meeting with our awesome videographers has me even more excited about the idea of our wedding film… so excited that I started to wonder why wedding films don’t get more attention on the blogs? They usually show up somewhere near the end of a post… so late in the game that sometimes I don’t even watch… have you noticed the same?

The thing is that the ones I do watch are often so amazing, and so inspiring, that they stay with me much longer than anything else. A good wedding film can really tell the story of the couple and their day the way nothing else can.

So I thought I’d start a new feature here on the blog… one dedicated solely to the best of those films… the ones that really show the best of what a wedding film can be.

And who better to start Wedding Film Wednesday off than the amazing team I chose for my own wedding, The Cana Family.

Ben and Drew are not just super talented, they’re also super cool… and the weddings they shoot are the same.

This one, though, really takes things to a new level. Lauren and Trey had a destination wedding like no other in Capri, Italy. I’m not sure words can even explain the beauty of this place and the perfection of this wedding… if you’re going to elope, there is no question that this is the way to do it… as long as you take Ben and Drew along to capture every second this perfectly.

Seriously, just watch…

Wedding Preview: Trey and Lauren in Capri, Italy from The Cana Family

And by the way, if you’re wondering about that awesome score?  Drew composes each one himself…

I know.

Welcome to Wedding Film Wednesdays!