Friday Link Love

by Laicie

More Design Please

Halloween weekend is almost here… meaning not just loads of spooky fun, but also fiancé’s birthday!  Like most holiday babies, the day of his birthday will almost certainly be consumed by other celebrations — not to mention the fact that this year it falls on a Monday — so we’ve planned a little celebratory dinner this weekend just the two of us.  I’m excited to celebrate with a nice bottle of wine, a yummy meal, and my favorite guy.

As for the rest of the weekend…

Right now the forecast is calling for five inches of snow or more all the way up in our rural little community, which my boss would point out is practically in PA (I commute a lot).  And, honestly, I’m not sure where I stand on the prospect of this super-early snow.  The little coastal girl in me who barely saw more than a dusting of snow can’t help a little excitement at the thought of the first flake… but then, the little coastal girl in me who barely saw temperatures below 40 is secretly in a panic over the cold winter ahead.

I’m torn.  In any case, I’m excited to curl up and watch it all come down with a big cup of warm cider and a new book… maybe a little Halloween candy.

Here are a few things I’m loving…

I am super-obsessed with this gorgeous little wedding (and everything by Bash, Please, for that matter).

This shop for the boys.

Pretty sure I need to have a Sip and See.

DIY fall envelopes and a gorgeous DIY chandelier that I have to try.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately.

I love love love this idea.

These letterpress cards from Satsuma Press… and the good reminder they hold.

This delicious looking Halloween cocktail.

If you have five minutes… watch this.

I probably shouldn’t admit it, but I identify with this a lot.

And because you might need a little pick-me-up after those last two links… this guy.