Welcome Back!

by Laicie

Carter & Cook Event Co.

We had an action-packed holiday break.  It may have started out a little hectic (with loads of holiday traffic and a little late-night pie baking) but it was all worth it the next day.  Dinner was delicious and I was actually kind of proud of my pies — particularly the pumpkin.

I made a simple graham cracker crust and filled it with Paula Deen’s super-amazing filling (two words: cream cheese) then I topped the whole thing with a generous helping of whipping cream and a little dusting of cinnamon.  It was pretty and (thanks to Paula) super good.  I wish I had a picture, but you’ll just have to trust me — I think I’ll be sticking with this particular recipe for future holiday goodness.

We had a nice early Thanksgiving dinner, complete with a Singapore Sling, and spent a cozy, relaxing day recovering at home.  The next morning we managed to wake up nice and early for a short run (success!) and headed to Morgantown, WV to meet up with friends and celebrate the 116-year-old backyard brawl (WVU vs. Pitt).  The best news of the night is very much a toss-up between the WVU win and the deliciousness that is the cheese sticks at the Beanery.

The next day Mark showed me around his old campus and we visited the breathtaking overlook at Coopers Rock… then squeezed in a little more football (on the radio this time — because there is no way we could miss civil war) then realized on the way home that our very favorite pie shop ever, located in Hancock, MD and previously called Hepburn’s, has reopened.  It has a new owner and a new look – no more big red barn boo – but the same baker!!  We brought home a drool-worthy lemon crunch pie and proceeded to eat way too much… again.

Sunday brought a longer run that (try as it might) won’t begin to make up for the oh-so-serious amount of eating we did, but might do a little to help us train for the marathon we signed up for a couple of weeks ago (because we weren’t busy enough).

But most of all Sunday brought the first bits of Christmas to our home.  We haven’t gone to pick out a tree, but two tiny little reindeer have made themselves comfortable on our dining room table.  Next, we’ll need the perfect wreath for the door and one of the many gorgeous advent calendars I’m currently coveting… I might even try a button garland like the one above.

I can’t wait to finish up our decorating, bake holiday treats, wrap presents and watch Love Actually.  My Pinterest is already beginning to fill… Christmas is here!