Laundry Day Inspiration Shoot

by Laicie

With the weather turning cold, it’s all I can do not to think about the long winter ahead… so this sunny, sexy inspiration shoot is a welcome distraction. The shoot was a total DIY by Chelsea McGowan of McGowan Images and Meagan Bechtel of MegBDesign… right down to the flowers from the local grocery store.

And as if that weren’t enough, I am just plain in love with Chelsea’s answer to the question below…

Whenever we post things like this, I always get someone who asks, “Why?” The answer is, and will probably always be, because I want to. It’s nice to shoot for ourselves. It keeps us creatively limber, and it’s fun. As a bonus, it encourages our brides to think outside the box for their own sessions and wedding decor. I hope we’ll always remember to set aside time a few days a year to shoot sessions like this, just because we want to create something beautiful.

Me too!! Thanks, Chelsea, for sharing this gorgeous shoot!

Photographer: McGowan Images / Event Designer: MegBDesign