Friday Link Love

by Laicie

Better Homes & Gardens

I am so very happy that it’s Friday — just in case you were wondering.  Lately, the weekends have become a time to catch up.  Things are so busy that I feel like a lot of the normal weekday stuff we might usually do has started to fall through the cracks (like, say, that skeleton planter still sitting outside the door).

So I’m really excited to have some time to tidy up, run a few errands, and (most importantly) get down to business on some serious Christmas decorating… slash de-Halloween-ing (I know… I’m that neighbor… it’s bad).

Here are a few things I’m loving this week…

A foggy fall morning… oh Jose, you kill me.

This awesome bookshelf/sconce.

Greyhounds (of the drinking variety).

Do.  I need to do.

Anything and everything that resembles an advent calendar.

This rug — courtesy of this amazing fall wedding roundup.

This genius DIY.

Must.  Make.  Churros.