A Perfect Christmas Proposal

by Laicie

Lance and Kathryn have known each other since the fifth grade, so Lance had to be tricky to hide his plan from this girl who knows him so well.  He decided to talk her into a Christmas photo shoot (such a fun idea, even without the proposal) and, because she might suspect that something was up, wait until the very end to get down on one knee and propose.

The best part?  The whole thing was captured by the talented Melissa McCrotty who pulled of an unbelievably gorgeous Christmas shoot in the process.

From Melissa…

Lance and Kathryn had been talking about getting engaged for awhile, but because of a recent car accident, Lance was pretty confident he had her convinced it was going to be several more months until he would be able to actually purchase a ring. However, we knew the girl in her would have to wonder if this shoot might not be a good time and be on the lookout. So we decided to wait until the very end of the shoot. Lance came up the with idea, and it was precious…. One of the coolest features of our shoot location was a wishing well. When we were technically finished with the shoot, I started to say my goodbyes and thank them, then suddenly remembered “one more” shot I wanted to get….Hey, guys, this may be totally cheesy, but I had this one last idea…… would you both make a Christmas wish in the well….you know, to incorporate the cute wishing well?? I dug around in my camera bag for two pennies (which Lance had prepped me with) and stepped back to shoot the “wish”. After they tossed their coins, Lance casually asked Kathryn what she had wished for…..I was so caught up in the shoot, I forgot to even make a wish, she laughed. Lance, however, remembered to make a wish. He proceeded to pull his “wish” straight up out of the well…..and then dropped to one knee, ring in hand…… Kathryn said YES without a moments hesitation! It was such a cool ending to an already pretty amazing shoot!

Photographer: Melissa McCrotty Photography