Courtney & Stan’s Awesome Outdoor Engagements

by Laicie

When I received this engagement submission through Two Bright Lights, I immediately accepted.  Not only is the shoot unbelievably fabulous, the theme is right up my alley…

In fact, we have a big backpacking trip planned for this weekend!  I won’t look nearly this great, but none of that matters.  There is nothing better than a little time outdoors (even sub 40 degrees) with good friends and a warm campfire… no cell phones, no internet, no stress…

It’s the best thing in the world.  So I can see why Courtney and Stan chose camping as the theme for their engagement shots!

What I didn’t realize when I jumped at this theme was that it originated from the very same genius photographer I published just days ago!  Clearly I’ve found a new love!

Here’s Melissa with another AMAZING story…

Stan lived with his family, right next-door to Courtney’s aunt and uncle. While he never managed to bump into Courtney there, Courtney’s aunt made it a point to suggest he meet her sweet niece, and then show him a picture. When Stan started college at UCA, which happened to be the school Courtney was attending as well, her aunt became more insistent…..Here’s what Courtney looks like (again, she offered up a recent picture) Stan, be SURE to look for her on campus! Sure I will, Stan thought, wondering how in the heck he was supposed to find one girl in a sea of over 10,000 faces. But as luck (or fate) would have it, the two did run into one another, at a party. Stan sees Courtney, instantly recognizes her and stutters…….Hey, you’re that girl…I live beside your aunt! Courtney’s aunt had done her job well, because when Stan did finally see that face, he had to talk to her, if only to find out why his next-door-neighbor was so insistent they meet. Almost immediately, a friendship developed, and the two began spending time together… just friends, of course. Eventually, Courtney and Stan woke up to the sweet fact that everyone around had known all along…they were never just friends. There was always something more than simple friendship between these two. Courtney and Stan are getting married May 12 in Scott, Arkansas.

I can’t get over these stories — SO perfect.  Thank you for sharing with us again, Melissa!

Photographer: Melissa McCrotty Photography / Event Venue: All Souls Church