2011 in Instagram

by Laicie

It’s funny the little moments our phones hold… looking back it reminds me of all the things we managed to snap… and all the things we didn’t.

In 2011, we backpacked the Na Pali Coast, celebrated the first year in our very own home, launched this crazy little blog, and got engaged!

In 2012, I’ll become a wife and a stepmom.  Mark and I will solidify a life that has grown immensely — a life that will continue to grow ’til the end.  It’s fun to look back, but even more fun to look forward.  I’m not big on resolutions, but I do believe in striving to make each year better, even if that just means you appreciate it a little more.

With a wedding, a honeymoon, and tons of plans for 2012, all I can hope is to appreciate this year as much as I possibly can — it couldn’t get much more amazing.