Friday Link Love

Oh, my goodness.  It’s 2012, the holidays are over, and my gradual introduction back into normal society has left me feeling a little more like I’ve stumbled out of a bar into the hot summer sun… who turned on all the lights?

This week I’m deep in the depths of planning an event of a very different type (for the lovely DC nuke community) while also charging full speed ahead on the diet and exercise train (hello wedding dress shopping and engagement shots creeping closer and closer to my life) and some hardcore wedding checklist annihilation… plus maybe a little bit of a rewind?  More on that later…

I’m fairly certain that the pace I’ve been keeping lately isn’t going to slow anytime soon, but I’m embracing the crazy and, honestly, finally starting to feel like I’m making some real progress.

Here are a few things I’m loving this week…

Current obsession: All things southwest.

Lena’s absolutely gorgeous new blog design — and always fabulous content.

This adorable love shoot.

Haha – it happens.

These amazing albums.

More super amazing awesome things to do with Instagram.

So. Much. Pretty.

Photo: 100 Layer Cake