Happy Friday!

by Laicie

Hello, weekend.  I need you.

This week has been massively crazy.  With a big conference coming to term (at work – I’m planning) and our long runs ramping up to 16 miles, I am both mentally and physically exhausted.  This weekend I may just curl up under some super warm covers, book in hand, and actively do nothing… would that be wrong?

Meanwhile, we did manage to take two very important steps in the world of wedding planning this week.

1) We officially ordered our Save the Dates!

… and I really cannot even tell you how excited I am.  I can’t wait to see and share our gorgeous Save the Date cards, designed by my super talented friend Matt Novak (here too) and printed by Dingbat Press.

All letterpress makes me weak in the knees… but this, of course, is extra special.

2) We found our day of coordinator!

After speaking with Cori Lassahn at Avanté Events, I have all the confidence in the world that our day will go off without a hitch… and then some!  Mark and I went back and forth on the coordinator question, but finally decided that the peace of mind was more than worth the cost.

I can’t imagine trying to run everything myself on our day, and even though she’ll tell me I’m silly, I wouldn’t want to put the responsibility on my mom.  I want her to enjoy this as much as we do… not feel the way I will at my conference next week.  This is way too happy an event to waste it with stress.

Or… additional stress.  I suppose when you do the rest of the planning you’ve already forfeited that luxury.

Here are a few things I’m loving this week…

Hot pink and red ❤

Actually, I’m kind of just digging hot pink this week.

Fresh pasta.

… and other things that are decidedly not on the diet.

Giant heart balloons!


Valentines adorable-ness.

… and a little more.

These notebooks that I’m pretty sure I need.

Photo: Once Wed