A Surprise Proposal at Griffith Observatory

by Laicie

This entire proposal was caught by the fabulous Keith Dunlop, who tells the story here…

I can’t imagine a better way to draw a close to my 2011 wedding season than with a preamble to the coming year. I’ve known Chris casually over the last couple of years through an online photography forum, and he owns some of my used camera gear. Last month I received a random call from Chris telling me that he was proposing to his girlfriend in LA and could I photograph it! Needless-to-say I was thrilled at the unique opportunity.

The setup involved Brittany and a group of friends visiting the Griffith Observatory for a surprise birthday party. Brittany was not aware that the surprise birthday party was actually a ruse to disguise the surprise proposal. It was a perfect plan, perfectly executed by Chris and their friends. All I had to do was blend in with the tourists, act natural, and capture it all on film. It was great fun for me as a photographer, and best of all — she said YES! Well done Chris.

Photographer: Frame 37 | photography by keith dunlop / Venue: Griffith Observatory