Happy Friday!

I don’t say it enough — I know I don’t — but I am a super lucky girl.  This week was less hectic than the last, but still no cake walk.  Working on getting over a nasty cold and easing back in to the day to day of work can weigh on a lady, but coming home to the guy I do makes it ever so much easier… from picking me up when I realize I have to stay so late I miss the last train, to consistently cooking the most amazing meals (and putting me to some serious domestic shame), to sending me a sweet little song in my inbox…

I’m a super lucky girl.

Here are a few (other) things I’m loving this week…

Amazing recaps and advice from the Alt Summit.

Awesome reality checks.

DIY crepe paper flower favors just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Spiced sweet potato crisps.

Adorable flats.

iPhone cases from Society6.

This makes my mouth water.

Photo: Elizabeth Messina