Hair and Makeup: Check + The Etiquette

by Laicie

Add a check mark to another box — I’ve booked my hair and makeup for the big day!

To be honest, this was another one of those things I went back and forth on.  Should I do my own?  Should I have a professional come to me?  What kind of etiquette applies to bridal party hair and makeup?

I was pretty lost on every one of these questions.  All I knew was that on my day, I want to look like me… and I’ve seen too many brides who just… don’t.  So quality became a big concern if I went professional… and I considered doing my own more than once (which I’ve seen lots of brides do successfully — it’s is so easy with all of the amazing tips out there).

In the process, I learned that the etiquette for this particular question is all over the place.

Essentially, it’s up to you… but I like how the knot puts it in their Q&A: your girls are already paying for their dresses and a million other things (bridal shower, bachelorette, gifts galore, and in many cases travel and accommodations) it’s a nice gesture to offer to pay for their hair and makeup if you’re planning to have it done yourself.

In the end the decision (like so many others in this wedding planning process) came down to my own sanity.  I know how frustrating it can be to try to tame a bad hair day… especially in a hectic environment, when all you want is to look your best.

I decided that this was a day I was allowed to pamper myself… have a top notch professional come to me and ensure that as little stress as possible is focused on the way I look… and I decided that I would definitely be providing the same pampering for my awesome maid of honor… who deserves it a million times over for single-handedly taking on the work of an entire gaggle of girls (or boys, anyone out there with a best friend or brother in their bridal party?  There’s no reason these days why you have to send them to the groom’s side).

I can’t say that this is the right choice for everyone, and I really do believe that DIY makeup is easier than ever at this point, but it does take a big load off of my mind… and to me, that’s worth it.

Photo: Catherine Mead via TEAM Hair and Makeup