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Month: January, 2012

Quiet Sundays

“We should all start to live before we get too old. Fear is stupid. So are regrets.”
~Marilyn Monroe

Photo: Preppie Bettie

Happy Friday!

Hello, weekend.  I need you.

This week has been massively crazy.  With a big conference coming to term (at work – I’m planning) and our long runs ramping up to 16 miles, I am both mentally and physically exhausted.  This weekend I may just curl up under some super warm covers, book in hand, and actively do nothing… would that be wrong?

Meanwhile, we did manage to take two very important steps in the world of wedding planning this week.

1) We officially ordered our Save the Dates!

… and I really cannot even tell you how excited I am.  I can’t wait to see and share our gorgeous Save the Date cards, designed by my super talented friend Matt Novak (here too) and printed by Dingbat Press.

All letterpress makes me weak in the knees… but this, of course, is extra special.

2) We found our day of coordinator!

After speaking with Cori Lassahn at Avanté Events, I have all the confidence in the world that our day will go off without a hitch… and then some!  Mark and I went back and forth on the coordinator question, but finally decided that the peace of mind was more than worth the cost.

I can’t imagine trying to run everything myself on our day, and even though she’ll tell me I’m silly, I wouldn’t want to put the responsibility on my mom.  I want her to enjoy this as much as we do… not feel the way I will at my conference next week.  This is way too happy an event to waste it with stress.

Or… additional stress.  I suppose when you do the rest of the planning you’ve already forfeited that luxury.

Here are a few things I’m loving this week…

Hot pink and red ❤

Actually, I’m kind of just digging hot pink this week.

Fresh pasta.

… and other things that are decidedly not on the diet.

Giant heart balloons!


Valentines adorable-ness.

… and a little more.

These notebooks that I’m pretty sure I need.

Photo: Once Wed

Theresa & Nathan’s Flowery Branch Engagements

I’ve been thinking more and more about our engagement shots… where they might be, what we might wear, props or no props.  There are so many options, but I think my favorites are the kind you see here…

Just two people in love.

(in a totally gorgeous place… of course)

Photographer: +Raven / Location: Williams Mill Greenspace

Indie Wed

As a (sometimes over-eager) bride, I have to admit that my heart skips a little beat when I think of the chance to frequent wedding shows… I mean, if you’re not in the wedding industry, how many chances do you have?

But all wedding shows are far from created equal… and every show isn’t a fit for every bride.  Enter Indie Wed… the perfect alternative to the traditional, classic wedding show.

Indie Wed is a unique event that combines the idea of a traditional wedding show with a street bazaar, highlighting local and nearby independent designers and artisans. Most bridal shows tend to cater to a very specific vision of what a wedding should be. Indie Wed is geared towards couples who want to take an “independent” approach to their event. It is wedding planning… redefined.

Indie Wed’s next event is coming up at the end of this month, so if you’re planning to be in the Chicago area on January 28th, I’m jealous!  Don’t miss it.  The tickets are unbelievably affordable and the vendors oh so worth it.

{Real Weddings} Rachael & Adam’s Stylish Soirée

When I first opened this gorgeous submission from Anne Nunn Photographers, I wondered if it was a styled shoot.  I mean, seriously, look at that gorgeous couple.

Turns out, Rachael and Adam are just that fabulous.

As a photographer herself, Rachael knew exactly how to get the most gorgeous shots imaginable on her day.  She gave her photogs complete freedom to go anywhere they liked, and a full two and a half hours to shoot… which now has me rethinking my planned hour and a half.  Enough, do you think?  Maybe not.

Photographer: Anne Nunn Photographers / Hair Stylist: Face it! / Floral Designer: Cherish Hill Florist / Cake Designer: Market of Choice / Jewelry: Hum Designs Jewelry / Event Venue: Downtown Athletic Club, New Song Fellowship

Currently Obsessing Over

Fabulous Lighting / Cozy Blankets / Styled Shoots / Gorgeous Calligraphy / Perfectly Placed Rugs / Colorful Flowers

Quiet Sundays

“Love is the coal that makes this train roll.”
~The Black Keys

Photo: W. Scott Chester via Enjoy Events Co.

Friday Link Love

Oh, my goodness.  It’s 2012, the holidays are over, and my gradual introduction back into normal society has left me feeling a little more like I’ve stumbled out of a bar into the hot summer sun… who turned on all the lights?

This week I’m deep in the depths of planning an event of a very different type (for the lovely DC nuke community) while also charging full speed ahead on the diet and exercise train (hello wedding dress shopping and engagement shots creeping closer and closer to my life) and some hardcore wedding checklist annihilation… plus maybe a little bit of a rewind?  More on that later…

I’m fairly certain that the pace I’ve been keeping lately isn’t going to slow anytime soon, but I’m embracing the crazy and, honestly, finally starting to feel like I’m making some real progress.

Here are a few things I’m loving this week…

Current obsession: All things southwest.

Lena’s absolutely gorgeous new blog design — and always fabulous content.

This adorable love shoot.

Haha – it happens.

These amazing albums.

More super amazing awesome things to do with Instagram.

So. Much. Pretty.

Photo: 100 Layer Cake

2011 in Instagram

It’s funny the little moments our phones hold… looking back it reminds me of all the things we managed to snap… and all the things we didn’t.

In 2011, we backpacked the Na Pali Coast, celebrated the first year in our very own home, launched this crazy little blog, and got engaged!

In 2012, I’ll become a wife and a stepmom.  Mark and I will solidify a life that has grown immensely — a life that will continue to grow ’til the end.  It’s fun to look back, but even more fun to look forward.  I’m not big on resolutions, but I do believe in striving to make each year better, even if that just means you appreciate it a little more.

With a wedding, a honeymoon, and tons of plans for 2012, all I can hope is to appreciate this year as much as I possibly can — it couldn’t get much more amazing.

{Real Weddings} Catherine & David’s Yellow Beach Beauty

The first real wedding of 2012 had to be special, and this one definitely fits the bill.

As gorgeous as it is, Catherine and David’s North Carolina stunner almost didn’t happen.  Just listen to this amazing story from their photographer, Charo

Every beach wedding has its share of calamities.  Usually it’s weather related, especially down here… especially in the spring.  There’s almost always the threat of cataclysmic weather… and the threat almost always subsides by the time the ceremony’s starting.  All the white-knuckled, crossed-fingers, glued-to-the-weather-channel waiting and hoping and praying… I’ve seen this more than a few times.

Such was the case on April 16th for Cat and David’s wedding.  On Friday, they were not only calling for rain; they were calling for tornadoes.  Hail.  45+ mph winds.  Destruction.  Devastation.  Armageddon.

It was looking pretty grim.  There wasn’t much of a Plan B in place, and every single plan they had was based on getting married ON THE BEACH.  So, what does any sane couple do?  Why, they call all their vendors and every last guest and tell them to show up early!

I honestly don’t know how they coordinated it so well.  They had to move mountains to make it happen – but it was well worth it.  This wedding was awesome.  The weather, the location, the details, the vendors – everything worked perfectly.

Incredible.  Stories like this one blow my mind, but they just go to show that no matter what, whatever is thrown at you, you can make it work — a pretty good lesson going into marriage.

Plus I’m a firm believer that rain equals good luck!

The wedding had tons of amazing details, including a full-on Avett Brothers soundtrack (ah-mazing) and a life size cake replica of the couple’s beloved dog Stuey… a totally awesome idea until you realize you have to cut into it.

Check out the hilarity that ensued when Catherine and David came upon this realization in the video below…

HILARIOUS Cake Cutting…err..murder. from Matt Davis.

And be sure to check out their beautiful highlight reel here.  Thank you so much, Charo, for sharing all of these wonderful details!  I’m loving every one.

Photographer: Charo Photo / Caterer: Middle of the Island Catering Co. / Floral Designer: Moxie Floral Design Studio / Musicians: Ukulele Academy / Reception Venue: Lumina Hall / Cinema and Video: Life Stage Film / DJ: Brian Hood / Bakery: Imaginary Cakes