Floral Inspiration: Poppies

by Laicie

Of all the temptation one suffers through planning a wedding, I’ve managed to resist, well, a little.

I love flowers more than I can say.  So believe me, my decision to DIY is not for lack of respect for incredible women like Kate and Kelly — whose bouquets I would gladly give my right arm for.  But a girl has to pinch a penny here and there… and flowers are one thing I’ve decided my limited crafting skills might allow.  So, research wonk that I am, I’ve set off to learn as much as I possibly can about the flowers I might be able to use.  And, along the way, I thought I might share a little of the information I learn.

Starting with one of my very favorites… poppies.


Poppies are a part of the Papaveracea family, which contains around 200 species, 120 of which are named “poppy.”  There are many different species, including the famous corn poppy and the bright orange California poppy.

The extremely diverse flower can grow almost anywhere, from Iceland to California, on sand dunes and mountains, and comes in many colors including red, orange, pink, white, yellow, and blue.

Season: Poppies are most commonly available in the spring and summer, and are grown both commercially and in gardens throughout the US.

Meaning: Poppies are often associated with sleep, but they also stand for imagination.

Pros: Poppies are available in many colors and are a standout showpiece in any bouquet.  They can be used in small and large arrangements alike (even as a single stem) and pair well with many other flowers.

Cons: Unfortunately, poppies are also very delicate.  They don’t last long once cut, a few days tops, and may be tough to ship in good shape.  If you decide to go with poppies, you should arrange them just before use and keep them in water as long as possible.

Tip: Hand tie your bouquet so that the ends can be kept in water right up to the last moment.

Photos: Jen Huang, Charley Star, Jose Villa