Floral Inspiration: Hydrangeas

by Laicie

Mark and I have a special love for hydrangeas.  Early on in our relationship, I moved into a new apartment with a lovely front patio.  To celebrate the move, Mark brought me the most beautiful hydrangea and placed it outside the door in a big red pot.

We joked that it was our “love hydrangea,” and in the end the joke kind of stuck… we got attached to the thing.

Over the years we’ve fought to keep that little hydrangea alive and as strong as our love… and despite a few setbacks, it’s stronger than ever.  So, the day he proposed, Mark left me a hydrangea.

Season: Hydrangeas are available nearly all year, but are most plentiful in early spring.

Meaning: Japanese legend has it that the emperor once sent a bouquet of hydrangeas to apologize to the family of a girl he loved.  It was his only recorded apology. The flower has come to symbolize earnestness and honest emotion, from joy to grief.

Pros: Hydrangeas have very sturdy, woody stems and come in a wide range of colors.  Common shades are blues, purples, whites, pinks and greens.  Hydrangeas are also beautiful dried, so if you plan to preserve and keep your bouquet, you might consider using hydrangeas.

Cons: Hydrangeas can be fragile and dislike the heat.  To avoid drooping, keep your bouquet in water as much and as long as possible.

Photo: Matchbook Magazine