Happy Friday!

by Laicie

The weather is beginning to warm, daylight savings is just around the corner, and we just bought tickets to our first two concerts of the season… even though the winter was a little elusive this year, the warm weather never quite had that feeling that spring and summer do.  There is just something that is so much happier, more hopeful… just all around better about this time of year.

I’m loving the plans, the possibilities, and the fact that before another winter rolls around, I’ll be a married lady.  The excitement is building!

Here are a few more things I’m loving this week…

DIY Dipped Wooden Utensils spotted on Ez’ Pinterest.


Just in time for warmer weather.

Pudding pops.

Cutest picture ever?

These impossible-to-obtain-unless-you-just-so-happen-to-be-the-Director-of-Wedding-Design-at-J.Crew dresses.

Photo: Matt Clayton Photography