It’s almost the weekend!

by Laicie

Seriously, put a few extra exclamation points on that statement above.  I’m having a little celebration here in my office.  Just a few short hours and the weekend begins.

The last couple of weeks have felt veeery long… so long, in fact, that I haven’t yet had the time to write a pretty important update on our planning.  One that has been in the works for a while, but finally came full circle (the nicest possible way of putting it) late last week.

I promise I will fill you all in next week, so be sure to check back, but the short story is… we’ve made some changes.  Everything will be a lot more simple, but just as beautiful, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

In the mean time, though, I have to go watch me some Hunger Games (yes, no shame here, I’m obsessed) with my guy — who surprised me mid-week by buying advanced tickets, just to be sure I got to see it… no chances of selling out.

See you all back here soon!  Here are a few things I’m loving…

The inspiration I keep coming back to here and here.

This site that I read literally every post on after I discovered it… it makes me laugh.

This has my mouth watering already for our trip in May.

I want!

I love this.

and this.

This might have to be my first big canning project.

These super cute and creative place cards.

365 days of hand lettering.

Photo: KT Merry