Starting the Countdown

by Laicie

Just a few more days (4, to be exact) until my mom arrives for our trip to NYC… and I finally go dress shopping!  I’m not going to lie and say I’m completely excited.  In fact, to tell you the truth, I’m completely terrified… but I am very excited to see my mom and have a lovely girls weekend.

I’m trying not to succumb to the “Say Yes” hysteria, and assume that the perfect dress will magically deliver itself in just one weekend of shopping, but I am kind of hoping…

And, well, I seem to be counting down… so I might be in a teensy bit of trouble.

Like I said… I’m a little bit terrified that it won’t.  But I’m reminding myself over and over that if it doesn’t I do live in quite a large city with loads more options and loads more time and, really, it’s pretty silly to put all of my eggs in one “big apple” basket.

One thing is for certain, I really should stop coveting gorgeous out-of-budget numbers like the one above (spotted on Once Wed today — wow).  But they’re sooo pretty.

(in trouble)

Photo: Jonas Peterson