10 Things to Remember When Shopping for a Wedding Dress

by Laicie

10 things to remember when shopping for a wedding dress

1) Do your homework.  What brands does your bridal shop carry?  Are there a few specific dresses you just have to try on?  Know before you go, and don’t be afraid to share.

2) Plan ahead.  Start shopping early.  You don’t have to make a decision right away.

3) Bring pictures.  Be specific here.  If there is a dress you want to try on, bring a picture of it.  If it’s just a type or feel that you like, that helps too… but I found in my appointments that the more specific, the better.

3) Bring a camera.  Some bridal shops won’t let you take pictures, but some will.  It never hurts to ask, and pictures of yourself in the dresses can really help you make a decision later on.

4) Know your budget.  And stick to it.  Don’t try that gorgeous Amsale on if it’s over, no matter how much you would like to.

5) Take care when choosing your undergarments.  Seriously, you might find yourself down to your skivvies in front of more than just your bridal consultant.  Some of these rooms are small.

6) Be adventurous.  Try some dresses on that you don’t necessarily love at first glance, especially when you first start your shopping.  You might be pleasantly surprised.

7) You don’t have to limit your entourage, but choose wisely.  I’m not going to lie, I took a big group.  And I couldn’t be happier that I did.  They were all wonderful and supportive and so much fun to celebrate with after the fact.  It was a good experience.  So don’t be afraid to take a few (I took five) along with you… but choose wisely.  Don’t take that friend who always has something snotty to say.  She won’t help your cause.

8) Buy something you love now.  Whether you’re planning a crash diet or not, if you don’t like the way the dress looks now, you might be setting yourself up for disaster.

9) Just buy something you love.  I did have that feeling, but I’m not certain that everyone does.  And it wasn’t as dramatic as you might think.  I didn’t cry.  I did get a little giddy.  I did feel like a million bucks.  And I didn’t want to take it off.

10) Take your time.  No matter what anyone tells you, there is no hurry to decide.  Take your time and don’t be pressured into making a rash decision.

Photo: Jose Villa via Once Wed