An Epiphany

Oh my gosh. Something just snapped.

I probably should have known that it would. I should have relaxed and waited for the moment that everything started to feel like it was falling into place.

But… I didn’t. And right now, in my ecstasy, I’m pretty sure poor Mark is more than a little scared… since I’m certain I must seem manic.

But it’s true. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve bought a dress, settled on a color palette (more daunting than you might think), envisioned a rough outline of our BBQ and brunch, sipped a possible champagne, and finalized nearly every appointment and plan for our trip in May.

I’ve gotten a whole lot done.  But it wasn’t until now that it suddenly hit me… I think I can finally breathe.

I’m sure it’s different for everyone… but there is a certain point in planning, well, anything… where the really tough, really crucial (whether it’s that crucial or not who cares… the point is it matters to you) stuff is set and the fun can begin. You can start to enjoy.

I know there are a lot more plans in my future… and of course there will still be challenges ahead… but by and large, this is the place where it starts to get fun!

Photo: Jen Huang via Snippet & Ink