Happy Friday!

by Laicie

I’ve been thinking a lot about taking risks, lately.  The risks I’ve taken in the past, and those I plan to take in the future.  The truth is, I’ve always played things pretty safe… but often I find I’m a lot happier when I’m forced to throw it all out the window and be true to myself.

So… I’m brainstorming.  In love, I couldn’t be happier.  But in life… well, I have a lot of dreams.  And a few fears.  But mostly, a whole lot of hope that eventually I will totally find my way into the happiest, most fulfilling and life-balancing awesome career… and all will be right with the world.

(ya… I know)

Honestly, though, that end could take any number of forms.  And as of yet I’m having a pretty hard time focusing on just one plan.  But the reality is that eventually, in order to find success, I might have to focus a little.  And that — to me — is one of the biggest risks of all.

I want to do “something great” (this might be a generational problem, but nvm).  And… if I start taking a few more risks… maybe I’ll have a real chance.

But all cryptic introspection aside… I’m pretty excited for this weekend and the week to come.  After what promises to be a crazy busy weekend, we’re headed to California to squeeze any and all of our wedding prep into one little week.  So wish us loads of luck!  We’re pretty excited.

And be sure to check back.  I’ll be scheduling some lovely posts while we’re away.

Here are a few things I’m loving this week…

These adorable mom tatts.

I so have to hit the cupcake ATM while we’re in LA.

I cant help it, I am so in love with succulents.

This super cute second birthday!

These absolutely gorgeous shoes.

Photo: Steve Steinhardt (who will be taking our engagement shots next week!!)