Hello Summer!

by Laicie

Mark and I are packing up for a quick weekend trip, off to celebrate with friends.  My goodness I’m beginning to forget what my little house looks like, but I have a feeling June will be much more slow… lots of time under umbrellas at the pool.

It’s been so long since I’ve shared my favorites…

Was there ever any more perfect book of cocktail recipes?

Somehow, I missed this movement… darn vacations.  But it’s kind of amazing.

This etsy shop.

25 (awesome) words that don’t exist in the English language.

Making your blog bloom.

Not that I’m anywhere near this place, but here’s some super good advice on when to quit your job (for freelance or another job, not just ’cause your boss is mean).

This is truly adorable.

Make your own camper!  Seriously, though, I’ve always wanted a teardrop.

Photo: alice b. gardens