A Long Weekend

by Laicie

Okay, so… our weekend didn’t go exactly according to plan.  In Mark’s words, it was great until he hit the ground.

But he could have been hurt a lot worse.  So I’m happy that in the end, he only broke his collar bone.

And the upside of it all is that this kind of pain gets you just about anything you ask for.  In Mark’s case, that meant strawberry shortcake.  I went for Paula’s recipe ’cause basically, Ms. Deen makes everything just that much more delicious by adding extra butter.  Then added this.

Between this, shrimp tacos, a little wine and some food network, we had a pretty low key Memorial Day, but I’m thankful for every second… because if there is anything that an accident makes you remember, it’s how fast everything can change… and how lucky we are.