Wedding Updates

by Laicie

After our little shakeup, I decided to take it easy on the hardcore wedding planning for a spell.  Of course, we’ve done tons in the mean time… but it’s been awhile since I’ve made any new plans, and I haven’t looked at my budget once.

And let me tell you: No matter how much you want to press forward, sometimes it is so important to take a step back.

And seriously, lets be honest.  I’m fairly certain that there is no person on earth who has a harder time “taking a step back” than me.  But for those of you out there who are like me, I swear that even downtime can be productive.  In fact, sometimes downtime has be even more productive than the grind.  I can’t tell you how much inspiration has just jumped out and grabbed me during this time, just when I would least expect it.

The break has been more than worth it, and as I begin to jump back in I find that I have loads more energy… I’m excited again!

So here, in a quick snapshot, is what I’m looking at for the next five months…

{All Done}

Venue, Photographer, Videographer, Food Truck, Cake(s), Band, Day-of Coordinator, Hair and Makeup… all booked.
Trials, tastings, and all of that fun stuff.
Engagement shots… Can’t wait to get them back!
My bridal shower… which was amazing.  Promise I’ll post pictures soon!
Save the dates have been sent… finally!

{In the Works}

Rentals… My. Goodness. There is always something new that we’ve forgotten!
Flowers… Just putting the final touches on what we need, since my aunt will be arranging them for us.
My dress is in!  Just have to go pick it up and work on getting it altered.
The Decor… things are finally starting to fall into place.
Guest Book… just need to order a few things and I think we’re set.
Invitations… almost done.
The Registry… feels like it’s always ongoing, but we’ve got a good start.
A dress for my maid of honor.  So many choices, we just have to decide!
The BBQ (rehearsal dinner) and Brunch… even though we’ve made them more casual, the planning is still a pretty major undertaking.

{Left to Do}

The Officiant… I know. This really doesn’t feel like something you should leave to last, but… well, we have.
Planning the ceremony, writing vows… the serious stuff.  Again, something I’m feeling a little (a lot) weird about leaving to the end.
The Boys… Mark has a pretty good idea of what they’ll all be wearing and where he’ll be buying his suit, we just need to move this puppy along.
Accessories like shoes and a veil.
Calligraphy and other paper products.
Travel… still need to book flights and make plans for both our trip out to California and our honeymoon.  The good news is that I think we’ve finally decided on a destination!
The rings, the marriage license… all of the official stuff.

Umm… exercise.  Exercise needs to happen.

There are lots of other little things floating around in there, of course… not to mention the ton of research it has taken to get to this place… but that’s the bulk.  And overall, right now, I’m feeling pretty good about it.  I think we’ve come a long way.

Photo: Jen Huang