Welcome to the Weekend!

by Laicie

Loads of good news and exciting things happening around these parts.

1) My dress is in!  I have an appointment to pick it up later this month… and I don’t know if you all have had similar experiences, but this whole waiting thing?  No fun at all.  I am literally dying to see it again.

2) As of yesterday, we are officially going to Peru on our honeymoon.  The details are still being ironed out, but the first part of the trip is officially booked!

3) BBQ plans are beginning to take shape… and I’m pretty sure these little beauties are going to make an appearance.

We have tons of fun plans for this fathers day weekend… including Austin’s first non-kid concert ever.  So here’s hoping he digs Dave Matthews!  Dave’s no Billy Jonas, after all.

Anybody out there braving big concerts with your little one (he’s six)?  I remember (and still regret) that my parents tried to take me to see the Ramones when I was around that age and I refused… all because they wanted me to wear protective headphones!  Such a mistake.

Here are a few things I’m loving this week…

Our Labor of Love’s baby shower!

Hostess gifts that people will love.

Making butter.

West coast love.

You just can’t go wrong with ice cream pie.

How to access font variants.

This guy.

Is it shortcake? Is it a scone? Honestly… I’m not sure I care, it looks delicious.

A cheat sheet for manual photography.

More ice cream, but seriously, it’s summer… and this is a fantastic idea.

Photo: Anna Williams via frolic!