On Learning the Hard Way: 9 Things I Wish I’d Known

by Laicie

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the advice we give and receive.  I’ve realized that someday, no matter how I try, my children will take the advice I bestow so carefully upon them with a healthy grain of salt and a whopping roll of the eyes… but the abuse will be well earned by my own insistence on ignoring my parents’ attempts to set me straight.

Sometimes (many times) we just have to learn the hard way… and we do.

But in honor of my 28th, I thought I’d write down a few pieces of advice that a younger me would not have taken… but an older me would like to have known.

1)   You will never be a crazy cat lady.
… and no relationship’s loss is worth fearing a kitten.
2)   You will fall from grace.  You will hurt the ones you love.  You will be wrong.  Learn, grow, and take advantage of every opportunity.  It will be okay.
3)   Student.  Loans.  Suck.
4)   The man you love will make you stronger.
5)   No mistake is too big to move on.
6)   It is possible to fall asleep at the wheel. (Don’t push too hard.)
7)   Constructive criticism is essential.  Just plain criticism isn’t worth the effort… coming or going.
8)   The only person you are capable of changing is yourself.  But you are capable of change.
9)   Take more risks and do what you love. (I’m still learning this one.)

Photo: Stella McCartney Cake via Apollinas