Our Weekend: Part One

by Laicie

Guys. We had the best weekend.

We took it pretty easy, but it was really one of the best trips I’ve ever taken into the city.  I picked up my dress, and minus one minor breakdown, I’m sure that it will be beautiful on the day.  It’s still a little tough to envision, since the top was clearly made for a lady with, ya know… some boobs (not me).  But it shouldn’t take much to get it fitting just right.

I think my mind will be eased in a big big way after a trip to a good tailor.

As for Mark, he had the best experience picking out the fabric for his suit (dark blue! but that’s all I’m allowed to know… he’s keeping it all very hush hush) and having measurements taken.  Although I don’t know a ton of the details, I know he’s going to look unbelievably fantastic.  I seriously can’t wait to see him standing at the end of that aisle… and I love that he’s keeping his look as much of a secret as mine.  It really is kind of amazing to hold on to that element of anticipation.

We stayed in Brooklyn, taking just one quick trip into Manhattan for a little brunch at Extra Virgin and some key lime cheesecake from Magnolia Bakery.  And after a long day (especially for the guy with the broken collar bone) we curled up under the covers and ordered in some of the best Chinese I think I’ve ever had.

The next day we took a walk to Smooch Cafe for a flat white and some seriously delicious breakfast, then headed to the Brooklyn Flea… where I scored my something old!

I’ll share a few shots from the Flea (and my something old) tomorrow, so be sure to check back!