Blueberry Picking at Butler’s Orchard

by Laicie

Okay, so first off — the mr. is a blueberry picking champ.  I swear that with just one fully operational arm (collarbone still good and broken), in the 95 degree heat, he out-picked me two to one.

… not that I’m competitive.

Technically, I’ve never been blueberry picking.  I’ve been to pick strawberries a ton… but growing up, all I had to do to find a handful of fresh blueberries was walk over the river and through the woods (not joking) to my grandparents’ house.  And just like a certain crisp in the air never fails to remind me of summer mornings spent camping in Oregon, fresh blueberries will always remind me of my grandma and grandpa.

Although this experience was a little bit different (we came home with a whole lot more than I ever could have picked growing up) the berries were just the same… and it was nice to be able to eat a few straight from the vine…

Then again, maybe one for me, one for the bucket isn’t the best strategy in a competitive berry-picking match.

(**must remember this the next time Mark decides to show me up)