Who’s afraid of a little rain? Not us…

by Laicie

instagram lake

It was looking like a lost cause for a while there on Saturday.  We woke up to a 40 percent chance of thunderstorms and some very grey skies.  But in the end I’m proud to say that we all put on our big kid pants and decided we didn’t care.

Rain or no rain, we were going camping.

And hey, the gamble worked out pretty well!  The night was clear enough for a cookout and a campfire, and the rain didn’t start until we were safe in our sleeping bags, snoring away.


Of course, had things gone really bad, we weren’t roughing it that hard… the property we camped on had not just one but two pavilions… with lights… and a pretty sweet grill… and well, if things really went south, a cabin to hole up in.

Austin is six, so we haven’t quite made it to the hardcore backpacking adventures… those will come.  For now, when we take him camping we’re just looking for a good, secluded place to set up a tent and cook some s’mores.

Because naturally, the six year old is equally as concerned about the s’mores as I am.

the Fritch

I mentioned that the rain didn’t start until we were safe in our beds… and that’s true.  It also didn’t really stop.  We woke up to the pouring rain and a few dashed plans — no bike rides for us on Sunday — but packed up and salvaged the morning with a little breakfast at Barbara Fritchie, a place that, really, there is just no way to describe… if you’re in the Frederick area, it’s worth the experience.

Of course, if you do ever find yourself there, you might also find yourself cursing us for our inexplicable love of this little blast from the past… and truly, I’m sorry for that… but we just think the Fritch is awesome.