Rainy Day Chores

by Laicie

Stamp / A Thousand Threads

It was a rainy holiday weekend here in Maryland, with the remains of Hurricane Isaac working their way up the coast and landing just in time to sabotage our sunny plans, but we made the most of the opportunity and hunkered down to finish a few nagging chores.

Picture editing, envelope stamping, workin’ on the camera skills… the thing is, everything is better when you’re together, so it wasn’t so bad.

Mark / A Thousand Threads

We spent the rest of the weekend taking advantage of the outdoors when we could, squeezing in a couple of runs and a little time at the driving range… then huddling under the blankets to take in a movie (so good) and sip a possible wedding champagne.

And of course, we didn’t let the rain stop us from a little end of summer ice cream at the best place in town.