Happy Weekend!

by Laicie

doggy dress up

So… have I mentioned that I’m planning to run 12 miles through the mud and over obstacles this weekend? No?

No big deal. (I might cry.)

Seriously though, I’m generally pretty excited… and the best part of all of this is that the race means we have house guests and a ton of fun plans. So bring it on, muddy weekend… when it’s all over I’ll dress myself in a big furry blanket and jewels and make like the little fashionista above.

Here are a few things I’m loving…

Teddy (I’m convinced that Teddy loves his beautiful jewels and doesn’t feel at all ashamed… right, Teddy?).

I have to try this (and yes I already put the book on preorder… ❤ coffee).

Corn cakes with blackberry sauce.

Mike Song’s mom rocks.

This beautiful cottage.

So fascinating and useful.

1,001 ways to birth, and they’re all just fine.

Fashion week begins