Bridal Boudoir by TEAM Hair and Makeup/Lacie Hansen + To Boudoir or Not to Boudoir?

Wow this is a gorgeous boudoir session. The forest, the light… her awesome hair!

Seriously, can someone tell me why I wasn’t born with curly hair?

(grass is always greener *sob sob*)

The jury is still out on me + bridal boudoir… I love the idea, and I know Mark would too, I’m just not sure my confidence level is up to the super high heights it might need to be to lounge around in next to nothing and know the results would be… palatable.

I know I’m being silly, but do other brides out there have the same hangups? If not, are you planning to do bridal boudoir/if you’re not getting married, would you consider regular boudoir shots as a special gift for your guy? Particularly if they were as classy and gorgeous as this shoot?

For me, one thing is certain… if I do decide to do bridal boudoir, this session by TEAM Hair and Makeup and photographer Lacie Hansen (another Laicie!) will definitely be my inspiration.

Photos by Lacie Hansen
Hair and Makeup by TEAM Hair and Makeup