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Wedding Budgets, They Triple

coffee talk: wedding budgets

Throughout this wedding planning process, I’ve spoken a lot about budgetary stress.

Of all the stress that accompanies the planning of a wedding (a ton) this is the thing that has hit me the hardest. I can try to rationalize it a million different ways, but the reality is that we are getting ourselves into a hefty chunk of debt, for a day… and something about that is deeply hard for me to swallow.

I often talk about my student loan debt (because it kind of blows my mind) and when I do I always express my regret that someone did not take me aside and explain — truly explain — what I was doing when I signed over the next 30 years of my life at just 21.

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A Not So Quiet Sunday


Do you ever just have a pit in your stomach that won’t leave?  Or your throat, maybe…

Things have been busy around here.  Super busy.  So busy that it just doesn’t seem to stop… except now it’s the weekend and I’ve done almost nothing for two days, and I’ve still got the pit.

The list is so long.

We’ve ticked off a load, but it seems that for every item scratched off, another five pile up…

And the thing is that when planning a wedding, especially when taking on the majority of the financial burden, you start out with so many unknowns… and the price seems to rise with each revelation.

I’m starting to worry about just how far the cost might go.

I can see the utility of a wedding planner, here.  Not because of the organizing and design, necessarily… that part is fun.  More because a wedding planner is able to remain removed from the emotion of the day.  To look at a budget and stick to it no matter what…

This is not my strongest suit.

I can see all of the options… the ways to cut corners… but somewhere in the back of my head is a little voice that says, “This is going to be the most important day of your life… you’ll regret it if you really cut corners.”  Of course, I’ll regret a big load of debt too… right?

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{Budgets} Speaking of Budgets

How would you like to name your own price for wedding invitations?

That is exactly the point of a fascinating experiment happening this month at Up Up Creative

(the song is “generator: second floor” by freelance whales — btw)

I’m so curious to hear about the results of this project (and maybe get in on it myself!).  What will happen when customers are asked to put their own price on old fashioned creativity and hard work?

Seriously… fascinating.