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Szu & Girish’s San Francisco Engagements

San Francisco Engagement Shots / A Thousand Threads

My favorite engagement shots are always those taken close to home, in the place the couple loves most… so you can imagine how giddy I am over these next shots.

Szu and Girish started their day at the coffee shop where they first laid eyes on each other, then made their way through the city for the most perfectly bright and colorful engagements that shine right through the foggy San Francisco day.

Plus, there’s that little friend they brought along, who shines pretty bright on his own…

San Francisco Engagement Shots / A Thousand ThreadsSan Francisco Engagement Shots / A Thousand ThreadsSan Francisco Engagement Shots / A Thousand ThreadsSan Francisco Engagement Shots / A Thousand ThreadsSan Francisco Engagement Shots / A Thousand ThreadsSan Francisco Engagement Shots / A Thousand ThreadsSan Francisco Engagement Shots / A Thousand Threads

Photographer: Derek Martinez Photography

Alosha & Stephanie’s Artsy Engagements

Stephanie, an art teacher, and her fiancé Alosha really wanted their engagement shots to represent who they are as a couple, and what better idea for this creative pair than to stage a painting party?

Photographer: iDropPHOTO

Daniel & Rachel’s Arkansas Engagements

So, guess what?!  We’re finally going to have our engagement shots taken today!  I seriously cannot tell you how excited I am.  And, in honor, I thought I would share these lovely shots from Melissa McCrotty… whose work is always the cutest!

Photographer: Melissa McCrotty Photography

Vanessa & Ariel’s Bright Sunny Engagements

I can barely look away from these beautiful shots.  The lighting, the colors… and that puppy?  He (Hurley is his name) has my heart.

Ariel and Vanessa are getting married in Puerto Rico later this year, and their super talented photographer, Kimberly Chau, will be going along.  If these shots are any indication, I’m sure it will be amazing!

Photographer: Kimberly Chau Photography / Location: Hermann Park

So That’s Where The Snow Went! Tracy & Nicola’s Italian Engagements

I know I’ve been all about the sunshine lately, but I just couldn’t pass up this gorgeous winter wonderland of an engagement shoot.

And, as it turns out, while I was taking afternoon strolls in the sun, my parents were welcoming mass amounts of snow for the first time in… ever?  Well, maybe since ’69.

Growing up, I really only remember visiting snow.  If it fell on our house it was usually just in time to melt.  I think there might have been one time when I was able to build a very small snowman.  But this year, apparently anything is possible, because this week my childhood home saw a full eight inches of snow.

So, while you’re missing the snow that you might not have received this year, tell me, is this the prettiest winter shoot you’ve ever seen?  I think it is.

Photographer: Gianluca Adovasio Creative Wedding Photojournalism

Erin & Gathan’s Airport Engagements

Erin and Gathan don’t just love flying, they actually own their own vintage aircraft, so when it came time for their engagement shots, the location was obvious… the local airport.

You might have already noticed that I’m a little obsessed with engagement shots lately (since ours are coming up quickly) and so far I’ve been a huge advocate of the stripped down, simple shoot… but I’m here to tell you that a vintage airplane is one prop I can definitely get behind.

Photographer: Michelle Castle Photography / Other: Destin Airport

More Simple, Beautiful Engagement Shots

When in comes to our engagement shots, I am entirely sold on the idea of a nice outdoor location, pretty dress, and us — that’s it — and I keep coming across more and more amazing examples that prove my point.

But then, you can’t really go wrong with Elizabeth Messina behind the lens.

See the rest of this gorgeous engagement shoot (that I couldn’t help but share) on Once Wed.

Mandy & Dominic’s Miami Engagements

I have to admit, I have a huge soft spot for engagement shots.  There’s just nothing better than a couple in love and in their element… no fancy dress, no tux, just two people in love.  It makes me melt every time.  Sometimes even more (dare I say) than the wedding shots themselves.

From the photographer

When we asked Mandy and Dominic how they met, the two of them looked at each other and giggled. Apparently Dominic had a plan from the beginning to win Mandy’s heart, but Mandy only saw him as a friend. After a while of Dominic taking Mandy to dinner and a movie as a friend and as he described it, “slowly working his way into her heart”, Mandy said she realized she was head over heels in love with him. Since then they’ve been inseparable and are currently planning their November 2012 wedding at the Ron W. Shane Center in Miami Beach. Mandy and Dominic wanted their engagement session to reflect their laid-back personalities and pay homage to their backgrounds. They chose the beautiful backdrop of the Deering Estate at Cutler in the heart of Miami. Photographing Mandy and Dominic was like following the couple on a romantic date, complete with champagne and a blanket to watch the ocean on. To represent their hometowns, each of them brought their favorite beer to toast with. Dominic chose Red Stripe to represent his family’s Jamaican heritage and Mandy chose Oberon beer to represent her home state of Michigan. We’re looking forward to their wedding day in November!

Photographer: Rubber Boots Photography / Event Venue: Deering Estate

A Surprise Proposal at Griffith Observatory

This entire proposal was caught by the fabulous Keith Dunlop, who tells the story here…

I can’t imagine a better way to draw a close to my 2011 wedding season than with a preamble to the coming year. I’ve known Chris casually over the last couple of years through an online photography forum, and he owns some of my used camera gear. Last month I received a random call from Chris telling me that he was proposing to his girlfriend in LA and could I photograph it! Needless-to-say I was thrilled at the unique opportunity.

The setup involved Brittany and a group of friends visiting the Griffith Observatory for a surprise birthday party. Brittany was not aware that the surprise birthday party was actually a ruse to disguise the surprise proposal. It was a perfect plan, perfectly executed by Chris and their friends. All I had to do was blend in with the tourists, act natural, and capture it all on film. It was great fun for me as a photographer, and best of all — she said YES! Well done Chris.

Photographer: Frame 37 | photography by keith dunlop / Venue: Griffith Observatory

Theresa & Nathan’s Flowery Branch Engagements

I’ve been thinking more and more about our engagement shots… where they might be, what we might wear, props or no props.  There are so many options, but I think my favorites are the kind you see here…

Just two people in love.

(in a totally gorgeous place… of course)

Photographer: +Raven / Location: Williams Mill Greenspace